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Terms & Conditions


AS3 Performance offer a 1 year warranty on all of our parts unless clearly stated otherwise, in order to make a warranty claim you must have a copy of the original transaction showing the date of purchase and the amount paid, the part must be returned to us to be checked over before a decision is made.

Any parts that have been modified or tampered with will not be covered by the warranty.

AS3 Performance reserve the rights to refuse a warranty claim if we feel that the claim is not valid.


Safety Warnings:

AS3 Performance advise that all of our products are fitted by a qualified mechanic. Parts should be fitted when the vehicle is switched off and allowed enough time for the engine and mechanical parts too cool down.

All vehicles should be suitably parked and secured before attempting to fit any parts.

Regular maintenance checks should be carried out to check parts are still secured and functioning correctly.



Please note that all AS3 Performance products are designed for offroad and track use only and are not approved for road and public highway use*

*This excludes all AS3 Venhill products which are TUV and DOT approved for use on most roads and public highways worldwide, for a full list of all the counties the TUV and DOT certificates cover see the TUV and DOT websites.

All AS3 Performance parts should be checked over and fitted by a qualified mechanic before use, and we advise all users to take the time to check parts are fitted correctly and functioning correctly each time they operate the vehicle they are fitted to. AS3 Performance do not accept any responsibility for any damage or personal injury resulting from any use, misuse or failure of any of our parts.