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Installation Guidelines and Safety Advice - Silicone Radiator Hoses

AS3 Performance Installation Guidelines and Safety Advice – Silicone Radiator Hoses and Stainless Steel Hose Clips

Congratulations for choosing AS3 Performance Parts for your motorcycle! Please read these helpful guidelines and safety tips, and be sure to contact us if you have any further questions about your new performance parts.

AS3 Performance advise that all products be fitted by a qualified mechanic.

The vehicle should be suitably parked and secured before attempting to fit any parts. Parts should only be fitted when the engine is off. Allow enough time for the engine and coolant to cool down prior to installing parts. Regular maintenance checks should be carried out to verify parts are still secured and functioning correctly after installation is complete. Unless otherwise noted, AS3 Performance radiator hoses and hose clamps are not designed for fuel, oil, or end-user modifications, and such uses may void the warranty.

Prior to Installation

Prior to installation, please ensure the following safety precautions are followed:

1. Park the vehicle and secure it in a stable manner, following all safety precautions in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
2. Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery (as per the owner’s manual) to help prevent unexpected events.
3. Allow engine, coolant, and coolant pipes to cool entirely before removing or installing radiator hoses and clamps.

**Serious injury can result from hot engine parts or hot coolant, or if the vehicle or its parts move unexpectedly.**

**After stopping the engine, we advise waiting at least 8 hours for parts and fluids to cool before removing or installing parts.**

Installation Guidelines

Below are 12 steps to assist with installation and maximum lifespan of your new AS3 Performance Parts.

1. Prior to commencing work, park the vehicle securely and ensure the engine and coolant are fully cooled.
2. Remove the stock radiator hoses and clamps, replacing them with the equivalent AS3 Performance Parts.
3. Ensure each radiator hose seats completely as it should. Slide each hose at least 3mm (1/8-inch) onto the pipe or fitting, ensuring the hose slides over the fitting bead or lip when applicable.
4. The interior lining of AS3 Performance radiator hoses is delicate. Be careful not to damage this lining when sliding hoses onto fittings. Use only cool water to lubricate hoses during installation.
5. Install the hose clamps behind fitting bead, no closer than 3mm (1/8-inch) from the edge of the new radiator hose.
6. All AS3 Performance hose clamps are designed to be tightened to 7 Nm (5 ft/lb) of torque. Retorque all clamps 30 minutes after installation to compensate for any stretching and settling that may occur. Fully tighten each hose clamp to specifications. Do not overtighten hose clamps or damage may occur.
7. Instead of reusing old hose clamps, we advise using the corresponding AS3 Performance hose clamp kit. Use of any other hose clamps may damage the hoses and invalidate the warranty.
8. Ensure that radiator hoses and clamps are not rubbing against other parts of the vehicle. This could cause premature wear resulting in a coolant leak.
9. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines when choosing new coolant and refilling the vehicle with coolant. Use of coolant additives may invalidate the warranty on radiator hoses.
10. Follow all environmental laws and regulations to responsibly dispose of used coolant and used parts.
11. Once installation is complete and the cooling system has been refilled, inspect the vehicle for leaks prior to starting it. Next, let the bike idle and inspect for any leaks as the cooling system is pressurized. If any leaks are discovered, reverify fitment and hose clamp tightness as per these guidelines. Do not use a vehicle that leaks coolant.
12. Periodically retighten all hose clamps and clean all radiator hoses as part of your regular maintenance going forward. Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives to clean AS3 Performance radiator hoses or hose clamps.

AS3 Performance advise that all products be fitted by a qualified mechanic.

Read all safety warnings prior to installation. After installation, perform regular maintenance checks to verify parts are still secured and functioning correctly and to spot potential leaks.

Serious injury may result from improper installation of radiator hoses and clamps.

If a hose clamp is fitted too close to the end of a hose, if a hose clamp is damaged during installation or improperly tightened or fitted, or if a radiator hose is positioned too close to the end of a fitting, the hose may blow off or leak during pressurized use. Please take the time to check all hoses are installed correctly before use.

If you encounter a hose that is too short, double-check for proper installation.

If there is a flaw in the product do not install the product and contact AS3 Performance for advice. Do not try to install parts you suspect to be damaged.

Always wear proper hand, eye, and respiratory protection when working on a vehicle.

Warranty & Disclaimer

AS3 Performance radiator hoses, clamps, and accessories are intended for off-road use only. When using our products, you are doing so fully aware that not all of them are legal for road and public highway use (whether in the UK or elsewhere). We make no guarantees or promises regarding the legality of any of our products for road and public highway use and will not be liable to you in the event that you use any of our products on the road or public highway and it transpires such use is unlawful. Our products are designed for racing and should not be used on road-going vehicles.

AS3 Performance parts are not intended to be modified by the end user and are only designed to be used in place of OEM manufacturer parts on the specified vehicle(s). AS3 Performance accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss originating from use, misuse, or failure of the products.

AS3 Performance silicone radiator hoses and stainless steel hoses clips come with a 1 year warranty which starts from the date of purchase, all warranty claims will require proof of purchase and will need to be returned to us for inspection before we can validate the warranty.

For more information on our warranty and disclaimer please read the AS3 Performance Terms & Conditions.