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BETA 250 300 350 390 430 480 RR XTRAINER 12-21 AS3 11MM OVERSIZED FOOT PEG PINS

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BETA 250 300 350 390 430 480 RR XTRAINER 12-21 AS3 11MM OVERSIZED FOOT PEG PINS

AS3 Performance 11mm oversized foot peg pins are purposely made 1mm thicker than the standard pins so that if the mounting holes in your foot pegs have worn and the pegs are now a loose fit you can simply drill the holes out slightly and fit these larger pins to give you a firm feel from the pegs again and reduce any unnecessary rattle or play. The pins are manufactured from stainless steel so will resist rust and corrosion and they come complete with springs and split pins as pictured.


Will fit

2018-2019 Beta 125 RR 2T

2019 Beta 200 RR 2T

2013-2019 Beta 250 RR

2013-2019 Beta 300 RR

2017-2021 Beta 250 Xtrainer

2015-2021 Beta 300 Xtrainer

2013-2019 Beta 350 RR

2015-2019 Beta 390 RR

2012-2014 Beta 400 RR

2015-2019 Beta 430 RR

2012-2014 Beta 450 RR

2015-2019 Beta 480 RR

2012-2014 Beta 498 RR



  • 11mm pins designed to repair worn foot pegs 
  • Will not fit brand new foot pegs
  • You may have to drill out your old pegs to fit
  • Manufactured from stainless steel
  • Come with springs as pictured
  • 12 month manufacturing guarantee
  • UK company based in the north of England
  • The item is in stock and ready for despatch
  • The item you receive will be exactly as pictured