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GAS GAS EC 125 200 250 300 450 2004-2020 AS3 FRONT WHEEL BEARING and SEAL KIT

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GAS GAS EC 125 200 250 300 450 2004-2020 AS3 FRONT WHEEL BEARING and SEAL KIT

Over time the wheel bearing seals on offroad bikes will wear and allow dirt and moisture to enter the front wheel hub, this will eventually result in the wheel bearings not operating correctly and the wheel not spinning as freely as it should. AS3 Performance front wheel bearing and seal kits are designed to solve that problem by replacing all of the bearings and seals required with high quality replacement components which when fitted will allow the wheel to spin freely on the axle without any excess dragging or friction.


Will Fit

2004-2015 Gas Gas EC 125

2004-2020 Gas Gas EC 200

2018-2020 Gas Gas XC 200

2004-2020 Gas Gas EC 250

2018-2020 Gas Gas XC 250

2004-2020 Gas Gas EC 300

2018-2020 Gas Gas XC 300

2010-2015 Gas Gas EC 250 F

2013-2015 Gas Gas EC 300 F

2013-2015 Gas Gas EC 450 F

2003-2006 Gas Gas FSE 450

2007-2009 Gas Gas FSR 450

2004-2009 Gas Gas MC 125

2004-2009 Gas Gas MC 250

2007 Gas Gas MC 450 FSR

2004-2005 Gas Gas SM 450 FSE

2007-2009 Gas Gas SM 450 FSR

2007 Gas Gas 450 Pampera



  • Kit supplied includes all bearings and seals required for the front wheel
  • High quality premium steel low drag wheel bearings
  • Double lipped rubbers seals keeps grease in and dirt and moisture out
  • Steel spring on the seals holds them firmly in place on the axle
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards
  • Ideal for replacing worn or damaged bearings and seals
  • The parts in the picture are the exact parts you will receive in the kit